Saturday, March 7, 2009

Is there a reason?

Is there a reasons to do things? I did not write any single line in my blog during the last weeks because I did not feel like it. Honestly, I did not feel like doing anything and I don't know why. Probably the reason was that we are always looking for a reason... We don't let our mind think freely but we always look for some reason to act in a certain way. I think that there is no reason to do what you want but just your free will to do it. You don't need to justify yourself for every decision you take because life is not so complex... just do what you believe to be good and forget about pre-established rules... you'll be happier and even more productive


Néstor said...

Thx for your comment in my blog. Looks like your blog is interesting as well, although somehow deeper and more personal than mine... not to mention the posts in French! No way I will understand them! :-)

Hope to see you around my blog again, ehem ehem, (subscribe), ;-D


myself said...

Sometimes we get lost looking for the reasons of our actions as you say in your post. I agree, we have to live life the best way we know.
As always your post brings a new light to us, a light that I would like to follow in order to find the happiest way of life.
But you have to follow your own road. See you!

- assumpta - said...

Saps que intento seguir-te, però el meu anglès potser dona per entendra't però no m'atreveixo a contestar-te en el mateix idioma.

Cadascú s'ha de fer el seu propi camí i de vegades passem temporades on el camí se'ns apareix ple de matolls o herbes i ens pensem que potser estem perduts o desorientats, però més tad o més d'hora hi trobem els senyals que ens tornen a conduir de nou pel camí a seguir.
Estic segura que no és pas perquè no tinguis res a dir-nos si no que ara precises fer un descans i gafar forces de nou.

Teaius said...

Un profesor que tuve de filosofía decía que el objetivo principal del hombre era jugar. Osea divertirse, obtener placer y satisfacción.

¿Porqué tiene que haber una razón compleja para hacer las cosas?

El simple hecho de obtener satisfacción haciendo algo me parece tan buena razón como cualquier otra.