Friday, February 13, 2009

Something I cannot read now...

Because sometimes you don't now why, but you don't understand what's going on... You're exhausted, you just need some rest, but rest is not enough. Then, what do you need? what do you want? you say you want to fly away, because you're constantly longing for freedom. What's freedom? Will you be happy if you are free? and what do you need to be happy? Is it just that life's too complex? is life a matter of enjoying or just mere survival? Soetimes things are going on but we cannot read them...


Svyadov said...

Your posts have something special: make people feel. This is very important. Please, go on.

Xitus said...

Life complex, that's true, but remember things are not things theirselves, but the meanings we give them. Now let me take some lines from "Half the world away" and "the Masterplan", by Oasis:

I've been lost I've been found but I don't feel down

I'm not saying right is wrong, it's up to us to make, the best of all the things that come our way.

I think we must not lose our hope. It is very important in life.


Xavier Vidal said...

Dear Wayfarel:

Tot un escrit existencialista. L'home insatisfet perquè fa massa coses en poc temps (és autobiogràfic?) i, quan tenim el descans desitjat, també som infeliços. Crec que això justifica l'Oscar de Slumdog (vale, sempre torno al mateix de sempre), ara convertida en la pel·lícula de la crisis. Salutacions wuapa! Bon finde!

Nature has fixed no limits on our hopes. All is in our hands, and always was. Björk.

Xavier Vidal said...

Per cert, Marta:

Aquesta setmana fan Milk al Lauren Tarragona. 16:30, 19:20, 22:00.
Si vols veure-la avisa'm (vull repetir!!). Un altre cop saluts.