Saturday, November 8, 2008

What's the point?

Sometimes there's a situation that seems stronger than you, then you surrender, you get angry and you cannot control it. You behave in a way you wouldn't under other circumstances but you can't help doing it. Finally, you come to terms and realize about your attitude... You stop and think what's the point? What did you get with such an attitude? you don't need to answer because you already know it... Sometimes not only there's no point but also you break something(someone's feelings, something inside you, whatever...) and once it is broken there's no way back. Think twice before you do something because life doesn't give second chances...


Teaius said...

True words. However there are many situations in life where is very very difficult to control your instincts. After all we are also animals.

Xitus said...

You wrote in the right one (thanks for leaving a comment!). "Una noia al parc" is my blog about psychology, but I don't write there very often. The other one is just to take note of the results with my cousin.

So visit "calaix detarda boirosa" anytime you like. :)

I'll keep reading you.


Xitus said...

I also like your words, and love your English, which I consider better than mine.

I've felt more than once this feeling you talk about. But I think that sometimes, life gives you second chances. I wouldn't have said that two weeks ago, but life surprised me with old friends I've recently met. :)

With every mistake we must surely be learning (george harrison ;) )

myself said...

Cada dia aconsegueixes emocionar-me amb les teves paraules! Sé que és una tasca bastant fàcil ;) però és així.
Continua deixant fluir els teus pensaments que ho fas molt bé.

És veritat que quan trenques una cosa no pots tornar enrere. Però potser pots recollir l'experiència passada per evitar-ho en el futur...
Les segones oportunitats se les ha de fer un mateix perquè sinó... no viuríem tant.
Un petó!

Wayfarer said...

this is as real as life itself. L'experiència és un dels motors que ens permet seguir endavant, si no ens equivoquéssim mai podríem avançar, i la sort no és casual, si no buscada... un ha de lluitar pel que vol perquè no hi ha més batalla perduda que la que no es lluita... de totes maneres, de vegades no es pot tornar enrere... i s'ha de valorar el moment. Gràcies pel comentari.
Un petó.