Sunday, November 23, 2008

The value of Friendship

Sometimes I wonder if we really appreciate what we have. In your life, you meet many different people but a few of them get to know you. Some people of that small portion become your real friends, and among them there are some that know you better than yourself. I was lucky, in that sense; I met that kind of person who got to know me better than me. We've shared some of the best experiences together; we've also helped each other when in trouble... we visited my favorite place in the world together again… and she was there when I forgot who I was… Do we say what we think? Shall we say to those persons how important they are? This is something that should never remain unspoken… so, I utter it today… for you, my best friend.


myself said...

Aquest és un d'aquells posts que arriba a l'ànima i només et puc dir que tot sovint no sabem valorar el que tenim fins que deixem de tenir-ho. Però crec que per sort aquest no és el cas o això espero. A vegades t'acostumes a les coses i les dones per sentades i no les saps valorar prou. Per això, quan algú és especial per a tu no sobra remarcar-ho i segur que la teva amiga és molt afortunada de tenir-te.

Wayfarer said...

Sometimes, as you say, we take things for granted. We're shelfish, we're strict and we don't appreciate what we have. Personally, I know what I have but what really worries me is if the other person knows about it. Sometimes my attitude makes those feelings remain unspoken, even seem what they are not. The truth is, my heart remains unaltered, and my feelings the same... now, I can say it loud, I appreciate what I have even if it seems I don't.
Have a nice day!