Sunday, April 5, 2009

Il Divo

The story began almost 2.5 years ago. I was really sick that day, because I had just had surgery but I discovered the best music group in the world. I could hear some strange music being played, and for a moment I thought I was in Heaven... Who's playing? It's Il Divo a new music band, they said. I forgot the name of the band group and I thought I would never listen to that great music again. However, one day I remembered the name and I started listening to them.
It was the best music I had never heard of. It made me think about so many aspects in my life...
At that time, they released their album 'Siempre' with the saddest songs you can imagine... I would have liked to see them live then, but it was not possible.
My dream came true two days ago when I could go to their concert in Barcelona. It was called "An Evening with Il Divo" and it was one of the best events in my life! I almost break into tears when I could listen to "Without You" live. It happens to be the first song I heard, and one of my facourite songs. La Promessa, in Italian, was great not to mention "Notte di Luce". They gifted us with two extra songs "Un sueño imposible". My impossible dream was to see them, for a long time, but now it is a dream come true :)
I will never forget April 3rd, 2009


Néstor said...

But you'll for sure forget it was 3rd of April, huh? :-P

Glad to hear (read) you had such a good experience.

Keep it up!


Wayfarer said...

I may not even forget the date of such an event :)

myself said...

I'm great to listen you will never forget that day and that you had such a great time. I'm sure you will have some other days to remember. Days that will give you this kind of happiness feelings. Days to remember forever. When the sun is up we have to take advantage of it!

Anonymous said...

Ja veig ja que heu estat genial les dues :)